2011-08-10 Andrew RuthvenUpdate for building for RT4. master
2011-08-10 Andrew RuthvenMerge commit 'upstream/0.09'
2011-08-10 Andrew RuthvenImported Upstream version 0.09 upstream
2011-08-10 Andrew RuthvenAllow the use of DESTDIR for installing inside our...
2010-07-05 Andrew RuthvenChange the package name.
2010-07-05 Andrew RuthvenChange package name, remove files we drop in /usr/share...
2010-07-05 Andrew RuthvenChange package names to follow Debian RT Extension...
2010-07-05 Andrew RuthvenRemove boiler plate.
2010-07-05 Andrew RuthvenInstall the example
2010-07-05 Andrew RuthvenTell dh_perl about the other location that Perl modules...
2010-07-02 Andrew RuthvenMove the patches to where they belong under debian.
2010-07-02 Andrew RuthvenIgnore .pc directory from quilt.
2010-07-02 Andrew RuthvenAdd a patch to fix up inc/Module/Install/ to...
2010-07-02 Andrew RuthvenIgnore more files.
2010-07-02 Andrew RuthvenIgnore some files.
2010-07-02 Andrew RuthvenUse 3.0 (quilt).
2010-07-02 Andrew RuthvenTell Makefile.PL where to find
2010-07-02 Andrew RuthvenFix the description, set dependencies.
2010-07-02 Andrew RuthvenFix the version to be what we actually are.
2010-07-02 Andrew Ruthvendh-mske-perl spewage
2010-07-02 Andrew RuthvenImported Upstream version 0.08