2009-03-05 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'bzr/lp' master
2009-03-05 Dustin Kirklandokay now really release 1.12
2009-03-05 Dustin Kirklandactually, go back and add a suggests on iwatch to the...
2009-03-05 Dustin Kirklandrelease 1.12
2009-03-05 Dustin Kirklandrelease 1.11
2009-03-05 Dustin Kirkland * Inotify support
2009-03-05 Dustin Kirkland * update-motd: don't fail the entire script, if renic...
2009-03-05 Dustin Kirklandreleasing 1.10
2009-03-05 Dustin Kirkland * debian/update-motd.cron.d: Fix broken crontab entri...
2009-02-10 Andrew RuthvenRun update-motd at reboot as well.
2009-02-09 Andrew RuthvenAllow me to upload packages once it is ready.
2009-02-09 Andrew RuthvenUpdate changlog for 1.10.
2009-02-09 Dustin KirklandChanges for 1.10 in Jaunty.
2009-02-07 Andrew RuthvenIgnore the build cruft.
2009-02-07 Andrew RuthvenPort to Debian.
2008-11-10 Dustin Kirklandinserted missing 1.8 release changes upstream
2008-11-10 Dustin Kirklandupdated with 1.9 features
2008-11-10 Dustin Kirklandrelease version 1.9
2008-11-10 Dustin Kirklandmake the update-motd process very nice, when not doing...
2008-11-10 Dustin Kirkland1.8 was released, fix changelog
2008-11-10 Dustin Kirklandinstall cron jobs to run update-motd's hourly, daily...
2008-11-10 Dustin Kirklandadded directories for update-motd's other frequencies
2008-11-10 Dustin Kirklanddocumentation for new update-motd, supporting running...
2008-11-10 Dustin KirklandAdded support to update-motd to allow for message modul...
2008-09-30 Dustin Kirklandfixes for bug #276539
2008-09-29 Dustin Kirklandon disable, clear the motd of stale update-motd data
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandmanually fix incorrect changelog timestamp (inadvertant...
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandadded changelog entry for vcs entry in the control...
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandmissing whitespace
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandadded vcs-bzr line, to this branch
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandadded builddeb conf file
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandremoved prerm script, not needed
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandadded update-motd.cron.d, which was moved to this location
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandfixed license, per Canonical's guidelines
2008-09-19 Dustin KirklandFixes for bug #271848
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandupdated to released version 1.6
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandupdated to released version 1.5
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandupdated to released version 1.4
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandupdated to version 1.3
2008-09-19 Dustin Kirklandupdated to version 1.2
2008-08-22 Dustin Kirklandinitial checkin of the update-motd package/project