2020-04-11 Andrew RuthvenUpdate for new upstream release. master
2020-04-11 Andrew RuthvenImport v7.3
2020-04-11 Andrew RuthvenActually make it so 7.2 can be installed
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenUpdate for new upstream release.
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenImport v7.2
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenChange patch name to better name
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenIgnore some more packaging files
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenRemove quilt files
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenConvert to a non-native Debian package
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenPatch to unload hid-topseed driver after we move bound...
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenMore files to ignore
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenShouldn't have been committed.
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenSo Quilt will work
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenStale file
2019-02-20 Andrew RuthvenRename the package, make me the original author of...
2019-02-16 Andrew RuthvenUse quilt to fix the path in the startup file
2019-02-16 Andrew RuthvenFix the use of dh-exec
2019-02-16 Andrew RuthvenWe don't want to run this file
2019-02-16 Andrew RuthvenSwitch to a tab
2019-02-16 Andrew RuthvenMany fixes to the packaging
2019-02-16 Andrew RuthvenGet the name right
2019-02-16 Andrew RuthvenFix the filenames
2019-02-16 Andrew RuthvenNew upstream release
2019-02-16 Andrew RuthvenFirst, belated, commit (started work in 2016)