Switch to use correct method for checking if we're connected.
[picture-display.git] / picture.pl
2008-09-22 Andrew RuthvenSwitch to use correct method for checking if we're... poe-component-client-mpd
2008-09-19 Andrew RuthvenConvert to using POE for the event management.
2008-09-18 Andrew RuthvenStart adding code to fade images in and out. Don't...
2008-09-17 Andrew RuthvenMove the Glib::Timeout into the module, since most...
2008-09-17 Andrew RuthvenAdd more functionality and make it more robust.
2008-09-17 Andrew RuthvenMake it work!
2008-09-17 Andrew RuthvenThe start of adding Clutter support.
2008-09-17 Andrew RuthvenMove display.pl into an FSpot module and start the...