The Notifications object now handles displaying multiple notifications.
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2008-10-27 Andrew RuthvenThe Notifications object now handles displaying multipl...
2008-10-02 Andrew RuthvenMerge in changes.
2008-09-30 Andrew RuthvenAdd some protection to failing to connect to MPD.
2008-09-27 Andrew RuthvenRename Display::Plugin -> Display::Plugins to be consis...
2008-09-24 Andrew RuthvenAdd logo support to notifications.
2008-09-22 Andrew RuthvenSwitch to using alarm instead of delay to stop skewing.
2008-09-22 Andrew RuthvenGet notification expiring working.
2008-09-22 Andrew RuthvenSwitch the MPD plugin to using the new Notifications...
2008-09-21 Andrew RuthvenHandle the case in MPD if there is no status returned.
2008-09-20 Andrew RuthvenLots of tweaks to make the display work and look better.
2008-09-19 Andrew RuthvenConvert to using POE for the event management.
2008-09-18 Andrew RuthvenAdd support for showing the current track playing on...