2012-01-17 Andrew RuthvenSupport the new location for the XML feed in MythTV... release-0.9
2011-12-03 Andrew RuthvenTidy up the forking logic to more inline with my style.
2011-05-19 Andrew RuthvenUse the current ProtoVer as used by 0.23.
2011-05-15 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the changelog and Debian packaging. debian-0.9.6-1
2011-05-15 Andrew RuthvenArgh, still hanging on hearing back from MythTV. Switc...
2011-03-03 Andrew RuthvenBump Debian changelog. debian-sid-0.9.6-1
2011-03-03 Andrew RuthvenBump version to 0.9.6. 0.9.6
2011-03-03 Andrew RuthvenAdd new package dependency - libsys-sigaction-perl
2011-03-03 Andrew RuthvenSurpress a warning that we don't really care about.
2011-03-03 Andrew RuthvenIt seems that the use of SIG{ALRM} doesn't always work...
2010-11-30 Andrew RuthvenBump changelog. 0.9.5
2010-11-30 Paul SaundersDebian now ships Date::Manip 6.x which changes the...
2010-09-17 Andrew Ruthvenmythtv-status has a couple of return statuses that...
2010-09-16 Andrew RuthvenYay, fixed!
2010-09-16 Andrew RuthvenAdd a bounds check on the protocol_version.
2010-09-16 Andrew Ruthvenbe prepared to switch to TB earlier.
2010-08-08 Andrew RuthvenUpdate to Standards Policy debian-0.9.4-1
2010-08-08 Andrew RuthvenBump Debian changelog for 0.9.4.
2010-06-13 Andrew RuthvenAdd changelog entry. 0.9.4
2010-06-13 Ron KellamFix passing in the error ref to DateCalc.
2010-06-13 Andrew RuthvenAllow skipping idle encoders, and make that the default.
2010-06-12 Andrew RuthvenMake sure to skip converting units based on thresholds...
2010-06-10 Andrew RuthvenBump to 3.0 (quilt) debian-lenny-0.9.3-1
2010-06-10 Andrew RuthvenCopy the debian.tar.gz file as well.
2010-05-31 Omar CampagneJapanese debconf translations.
2010-05-19 Andrew RuthvenFix the creating of orig.tar.gz.
2010-05-19 Andrew RuthvenUpdate changelog.
2010-05-19 Andrew RuthvenStandards version 3.8.4!
2010-05-19 Andrew RuthvenSet source format to 3.0 (quilt).
2010-05-18 Andrew RuthvenNew upstream release. debian-0.9.3-1
2010-05-18 Andrew RuthvenUpdate changelog. 0.9.3
2010-04-29 Andrew RuthvenHandle the case where the disk space units returned...
2010-04-29 Andrew RuthvenStart using CIL for bug tracking, add a bug.
2009-12-17 Andrew RuthvenFix a broken UTF-8 character. debian-sid-0.9.2-3
2009-12-09 Hideki YamaneAdd Japanese translation.
2009-11-12 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the thanks file.
2009-11-12 Steve GuntherBump copyright years.
2009-11-12 Steve GuntherUpdate the comments to be a bit more descriptive.
2009-10-03 Andrew RuthvenAdd some lintian overrides for warnings which aren... debian-sid-0.9.2-2
2009-10-03 Andrew RuthvenAnd bump to Debian Standards Version 3.8.3.
2009-10-03 Andrew Ruthvens/git-/git /g
2009-10-03 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the copyright file.
2009-10-03 Andrew RuthvenFix up Martin's surname and make the changelog UTF-8.
2009-10-03 Andrew RuthvenDisable the watch file until I split out the Debian...
2009-10-03 Andrew RuthvenBump to standards version 3.8.2. s/lenny/unstable...
2009-10-03 Petter ReinholdtsenFix the dependencies in the init.d file.
2009-10-03 Yuri KozlovRussian debconf templates translation.
2009-09-03 Andrew RuthvenAdd missing depends, update changelog.
2009-09-03 Martin ŠínCzech translation (cs.po).
2009-09-03 Piarres BeobideDebconf templates Basque translation.
2009-08-09 Andrew RuthvenDifferent versions on different releases have different...
2009-06-06 Andrew RuthvenMake one distro version only.
2009-06-06 Andrew RuthvenFix up building.
2009-05-21 Andrew RuthvenBump the changelog. debian-0.9.2-1
2009-05-21 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the changelog. 0.9.2
2009-05-21 Andrew RuthvenOnly move /var/run/ if it exists.
2009-04-14 Andrew RuthvenSet the Content-Transfer-Encoding header of the email...
2009-04-12 Andrew RuthvenShow the encoderId, not the the inputId in the "Recordi...
2009-04-11 Andrew RuthvenOops, s/GPL v2/GPL v3/ in a few more locations.
2009-04-11 Andrew RuthvenAdd in Marc's surname.
2009-04-11 Andrew RuthvenPass on that charset that MythTV gave us in any emails...
2009-04-11 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the ChangeLog.
2009-04-11 Andrew RuthvenInclude the encoder details in the "Recording Now"...
2009-03-31 Marc TousignantThe XML since r20037 contains some additional states...
2009-02-20 Andrew RuthvenAllow using a YAML file for configuration.
2009-02-19 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.9.0' into release-0.9
2009-02-19 Andrew RuthvenNet::UPnP is now in Debian, let's recommend it.
2008-12-08 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.9.0' into release-0.9
2008-11-23 Andrew RuthvenAdd a status to the init.d script.
2008-11-23 Andrew RuthvenUpdate Debian changelog with details on Swedish transla...
2008-11-23 Martin BaggeSwedish strings for mythtv-status debconf.
2008-11-23 Martin BaggeSwedish strings for mythtv-status debconf.
2008-11-09 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.9.0' into release-0.9
2008-11-08 Andrew RuthvenUpdate init.d with feedback from Adeodato Simó. debian-0.9.0-5
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenBump changelog.
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.9.0' into release-0.9
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenBump the Debian version. debian-0.9.0-4
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenMake sure that the init.d script doesn't terminate...
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenProvide at least some error checking on the results...
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenMake sure that /var/run/motd exists before trying to...
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the changelog message.
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenThe init.d script shouldn't check the return code anymo...
2008-10-29 Andrew RuthvenMake sure that the init.d script doesn't terminate... debian-0.9.0-3
2008-10-28 Andrew RuthvenProvide at least some error checking on the results...
2008-10-28 Andrew RuthvenMake sure that /var/run/motd exists before trying to...
2008-09-25 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the changelog message. debian-0.9.0-2
2008-09-14 Andrew RuthvenThe init.d script shouldn't check the return code anymo...
2008-07-31 Andrew RuthvenUpdate copyright years and bump to GPLv3.
2008-07-31 Andrew RuthvenAdd support for converting the unit that the disk space...
2008-07-31 Andrew RuthvenRun perltidy -i=2 -io mythtv-status
2008-07-29 Andrew RuthvenAdd changelog entry.
2008-07-29 Andrew RuthvenBump version.
2008-07-29 Andrew RuthvenHide any warning messages that come out of XML::LibXML.
2008-07-27 Andrew RuthvenSpecial case etch now. origin/master
2008-07-22 Francois MarierFix the version number extraction script to handle...
2008-07-11 Andrew RuthvenAllow myself (as a DM) to upload, change license to... debian-0.9.0-1
2008-07-11 Andrew RuthvenIgnore a Debian build file.
2008-07-10 Andrew RuthvenChange to GPL3, bump the version. 0.9.0
2008-07-06 Andrew RuthvenFix a couple of minor typos in the arguement parsing... release-0.8
2008-07-06 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the FAQ.