2008-07-31 Andrew RuthvenIf in verbose mode, print out the email text. feature-html-email
2008-07-31 Dean PembertonStarting to add style to the html email. Working with...
2008-07-31 Andrew RuthvenFix up the one liners to be more consistent with the...
2008-07-31 Andrew RuthvenA few minor tweaks to the logic for generating HTML...
2008-07-31 Dean PembertonAdded formatting and colour to the HTML emails.
2008-07-31 Dean PembertonMore mail changes
2008-07-31 Dean PembertonInitial changes to support HTML format emails
2008-07-30 Andrew RuthvenRun perltidy -i=2 -io mythtv-status
2008-07-27 Andrew RuthvenSpecial case etch now. origin/master
2008-07-22 Francois MarierFix the version number extraction script to handle...
2008-07-11 Andrew RuthvenAllow myself (as a DM) to upload, change license to... debian-0.9.0-1
2008-07-11 Andrew RuthvenIgnore a Debian build file.
2008-07-10 Andrew RuthvenChange to GPL3, bump the version. 0.9.0
2008-07-06 Andrew RuthvenFix a couple of minor typos in the arguement parsing... release-0.8
2008-07-06 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the FAQ.
2008-07-05 Andrew RuthvenMake /etc/default/mythtv-status a bit clearer and fix...
2008-06-23 Andrew RuthvenBump the changelog. debian-0.8.1-2 debian-puck-0.8.1-2
2008-06-23 Andrew RuthvenMake sure that any variables that might have spaces...
2008-06-19 Andrew RuthvenChange the makefile to work my new local .deb tags. debian-0.8.1-1
2008-06-19 Andrew RuthvenBump to 0.8.1-1.
2008-06-19 Andrew RuthvenExtend the copyright periods to include 2008. 0.8.1
2008-06-19 Andrew RuthvenExtend the copyright.
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenStop the cron.daily script from complaining if mythtv... debian-0.8.0-2 debian-0.9.5-1
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenChange libmime-perl to libmime-tools-perl. debian-0.8.0-1
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenBump the Standards-Version.
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenFix the Debian version to be have three components.
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenBump version.
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenBump version to 0.8.0. 0.8.0
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenBump the timeout for the backend up to 30 seconds.
2008-06-17 Andrew RuthvenUpdate THANKS and Changelog.
2008-06-17 Andrew RuthvenMove the limiting of how many auto expire shows to...
2008-06-17 Andrew RuthvenExplain when ARGS and EMAIL_ARGS are used.
2008-05-28 Andrew RuthvenIt turns out that secondary backends don't return total...
2008-05-22 Andrew RuthvenAdd a timeout when fetching the XML status page from...
2008-05-22 Andrew RuthvenUpdate for the changed molly-guard file.
2008-04-19 Andrew RuthvenRename the molly-guard so it is installed with the... 0.7.4 debian-0.7.4-1
2008-04-19 Andrew RuthvenFix the test expression.
2008-04-19 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the molly-guard related bits reflecting Martin...
2008-04-19 Andrew RuthvenMy changes to molly-guard will be in 0.4, due out real...
2008-04-19 Andrew RuthvenAdd a molly-guard check.
2008-04-19 Andrew RuthvenAllow the check time frame to be specifid on the comman...
2008-04-19 Andrew RuthvenWrite man pages for mythtv_recording_now and mythtv_rec...
2008-04-19 Andrew RuthvenThank Francois for his feature requests.
2008-04-19 Andrew RuthvenAdd the machine parseable lines to the copyright file.
2008-04-19 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the changelog.
2008-04-11 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the changelog.
2008-04-11 Andrew RuthvenInstall the new status scripts.
2008-04-11 Andrew RuthvenAdd scripts to return if MythTV is recording now or...
2008-04-10 Andrew RuthvenExit with a return code of 1 if a warning is present...
2008-04-10 Andrew RuthvenAllow the Next Recording In threshold to be changed...
2008-04-09 Andrew RuthvenAllow building Debian point releases. release-0.7 origin/release-0.7
2008-04-09 Andrew RuthvenBump the version. debian-0.7.3-2
2008-04-09 Andrew RuthvenRemove a bogus space from the log messages.
2008-04-09 Andrew Ruthvencron.daily should honour the HOST setting /etc/default...
2008-03-11 Andrew RuthvenBump release. debian-0.7.3-1
2008-03-11 Andrew RuthvenBe less paranoid about the XML protocol. 0.7.3
2008-03-06 Andrew RuthvenBump to 0.7.2-1. debian-0.7.2-1
2008-03-06 Andrew RuthvenThe MythTV protocol has changed, update and release... 0.7.2
2008-03-06 Andrew RuthvenCorrect the dates in the ChangeLog, it is now 2008!
2008-02-18 Andrew RuthvenUpdate changelog entry for 0.7.1-2. debian-0.7.1-3
2008-02-08 Andrew RuthvenSample XML output using my patch for the storage groups.
2008-02-08 Andrew RuthvenStart preparing the Debian changelog for the next release.
2008-02-06 Andrew RuthvenFix a typo, Stoping -> Stopping.
2008-02-03 Andrew RuthvenWhen building on Etch use debhelper V5 compatibility.
2008-02-03 Andrew RuthvenAdd German changelog line. debian-0.7.1-2
2008-02-03 Francois MarierBump debhelper compatibility to 6
2008-02-03 Helge KreutzmannInitial German debconf translation
2008-01-23 Andrew RuthvenBump version. debian-0.7.1-1
2008-01-23 Andrew RuthvenBump for 0.7.1 0.7.1
2008-01-21 Andrew RuthvenMake the encoder details work for schedule conflicts...
2008-01-21 Andrew RuthvenAdd the 0.7.0 release.
2008-01-21 Andrew RuthvenAdd support for outputting the encoder details in recor...
2008-01-21 Andrew RuthvenChange GB to MB everywhere.
2008-01-21 Andrew RuthvenThe protocol version has increased, without my patches...
2008-01-20 Andrew RuthvenThe backend returns diskspace in MB, not GB. Thanks...
2008-01-19 Andrew RuthvenAdd a thanks file. 0.7.0 debian-0.7.0-1
2008-01-19 Andrew RuthvenNew release.
2008-01-19 Andrew RuthvenBump the version number.
2008-01-19 Andrew RuthvenRenamed "Pending Delete" to "Shows due to Auto Expire".
2008-01-19 Andrew RuthvenAdd support for showing the shows that the auto expirer...
2008-01-12 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.6'
2008-01-12 Francois MarierTurn on extra lintian warnings (lintian -I) when buildi... release-0.6 origin/release-0.6
2008-01-12 Andrew RuthvenAdd support for $ARGS.
2008-01-12 Andrew RuthvenHandle another possible place where loading MythTV...
2008-01-12 Francois MarierTurn on extra lintian warnings (lintian -I) when buildi...
2008-01-07 Andrew RuthvenAdd support for $ARGS.
2008-01-07 Andrew RuthvenHandle another possible place where loading MythTV...
2007-12-26 Andrew RuthvenBump to 0.6.2. 0.6.2 debian-0.6.2-1
2007-12-26 Francois MarierRemove fuzziness in the French translation
2007-12-26 Américo MonteiroUpdate Portuguese translation.
2007-12-25 Andrew RuthvenBetter commit the current state of the debconf strings.
2007-12-25 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the translation templates.
2007-12-25 Andrew RuthvenUpdate with report that running mythtv-status from...
2007-12-25 Andrew RuthvenEmails can be limited to just alerts now, not just...
2007-12-24 Andrew RuthvenConflicts should show the channel name as well.
2007-12-17 Andrew RuthvenAdd the plural for emailing only on alerts.
2007-12-13 Andrew RuthvenWhen using xpath to pull out the channel name, swap...
2007-12-12 Andrew RuthvenBump to version 0.6.1. 0.6.1 debian-0.6.1-1
2007-12-12 Andrew RuthvenShow the channel name along with each program.
2007-12-12 Andrew RuthvenAdd support for reporting on how much guide data is...