2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenTurns out I occasionally need to override the version
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenTidy up the formatting of this file
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenAdd Eric Wilde
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenEradicate tabs, line things up, add missing commas...
2018-11-12 Andrew Ruthven11 years!
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenHeh, don't need to list everything in this file...
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenMove libsys-sigaction-perl to a recommends
2018-11-12 Eric WildeRemove dependency on Sys::SigAction
2018-11-12 Eric WildeMore correct label.
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenAllow showing device type in the encoder output
2018-11-12 Eric WildeDescribe how one liner blocks work.
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenAdd Debian changelog entry
2018-11-12 Eric WildeMinor re-arrangement to make output consistent
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenAdd verbose output about status of config files
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenUpdate Debian files for Config::Auto change
2018-11-12 Eric WildeMake Config::Auto an optional module.
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'
2017-05-03 Andrew RuthvenAdd issue
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenNeed to copy the buildinfo file now as well release-0.10
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenAutomatic updates to po files debian-sid-0.10.8-1
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenUpdates to make lintian happy
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenFix a typo 0.10.8
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenFix UTF-8 handling from MythTV::Program
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the copyright years
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenAdd pt_BR debconf translation
2016-09-08 Andrew RuthvenFix disabling skipping idle encoders via the config...
2016-08-02 Andrew RuthvenBump the changelog
2016-08-02 Andrew RuthvenHave Next Recording sum up the days including all bigge...
2016-08-02 Andrew RuthvenDateCalc behaviour has changed, use a different mode.
2015-01-11 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'
2015-01-11 Andrew RuthvenSwitch to using a script to update the MOTD 0.10.7 debian-sid-0.10.7-1
2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'
2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenBump the Standards-Version. 0.10.6 debian-sid-0.10.6-1
2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenSupport building on AMD64 and the new xz compression...
2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenBump my GPG key to the 4096 bit one.
2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'
2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenBump version number
2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'
2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenFix removing "0 hours" from Next Recording In if the...
2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenFix sending emails with UTF-8 characters in them with...
2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenFix modifying next recording if it was "0 Days, 30...
2014-12-02 Andrew RuthvenFix removing "0 hours" from Next Recording In if the... 0.10.5 debian-sid-0.10.5-1
2014-12-02 Andrew RuthvenFix sending emails with UTF-8 characters in them with...
2014-09-11 Andrew RuthvenFix modifying next recording if it was "0 Days, 30...
2013-11-21 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'
2013-11-21 Andrew RuthvenAdd an install target to the Makefile.
2013-10-28 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'
2013-10-28 Andrew RuthvenAdd an upload target for uploading to Debian.
2013-10-28 Andrew RuthvenBump standards version, remove obsolete control field. debian-sid-0.10.4-1
2013-10-28 Andrew RuthvenMinor whitespace changes. 0.10.4
2013-10-28 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the copyright line.
2013-10-28 Andrew RuthvenAllow pretending to run on a specific date for testing.
2013-10-27 Andrew RuthvenFix up returning the time if we have an old style times...
2013-10-27 Andrew RuthvenOnly use ISODate if it is defined.
2013-10-27 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the version numbers to have the Debian suffix.
2013-10-27 Andrew RuthvenAdd a guard when calculating the disk percentage used.
2013-10-27 Andrew RuthvenRemove an extraneous hypen.
2013-10-27 Andrew RuthvenHandle POD in Perl 5.18. Force the return code =item...
2013-02-09 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'
2013-02-09 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the change log.
2013-02-09 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the change log.
2013-02-09 Andrew RuthvenProcess the ISO timestamps for the in progress recordin...
2013-02-09 Andrew RuthvenSadly %x doesn't use the locale to determine the format...
2013-02-09 Jan SchneiderReally use local date and time format.
2013-02-09 Jan SchneiderApply ISO date processing to schedule too.
2013-01-29 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'
2013-01-29 Andrew RuthvenIf ISODate is present and is UTC, convert that to local...
2013-01-29 Andrew RuthvenIf ISODate is present and is UTC, convert that to local...
2012-12-19 Andrew RuthvenFix the use of motd in the LSB header. debian-sid-0.10.2-3
2012-10-03 Andrew RuthvenDon't die if we can't remove /var/run/motd.orig (LP...
2012-10-03 Andrew Ruthvenuse includedsc with reprepro.
2012-10-02 Andrew RuthvenDebian Wheezy now uses /var/run/motd.dynamic. debian-sid-0.10.2-2
2012-10-02 Andrew RuthvenBe a lot less verbose if their is a stale file, and...
2012-09-29 Andrew RuthvenI'm using reprepro now.
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenFix a long standing bug where the XML protocol was... 0.10.2 debian-sid-0.10.2-1
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenAdd a test case for descriptions that contain UTF-8.
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenSince we encode the string, we should also decode it.
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenAssume that any XML file we load via the CLI is an...
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the test file so it passes.
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenChange the version back to 0.10.2
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenBump the Debian changelog.
2012-07-07 Joe Dalton[INTL:da] Danish translation of the debconf templates...
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenIf the next scheduled recording is in more than 1 day...
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenWhen stripping off "0 Minutes" take off the comma as...
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenAdd changelog entries for Julian's patch and add him...
2012-07-07 Julian GilbeyChange the DateCalc mode to resolve showing negative...
2012-07-06 Andrew RuthvenEncode UTF-8 strings before we print out out.
2012-06-24 Andrew RuthvenAdd a --save-file option to save the XML received from...
2012-06-21 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the list of required packages.
2012-06-14 Andrew RuthvenMake sure we run the tests before we build any packages.
2012-06-14 Andrew RuthvenBump the Debian changelog. debian-sid-0.10.1-1
2012-06-14 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the changelog. 0.10.1
2012-06-14 Andrew RuthvenBump the version number due to the --help issue.
2012-06-14 Andrew RuthvenAdd tests! <gasp>
2012-06-14 Andrew RuthvenPostpone changing the name so that pod2usage still...
2012-06-14 Andrew RuthvenThe original tarball includes the version number.
2012-06-14 Andrew RuthvenRemove the disabled watch file.
2012-06-14 Andrew RuthvenMake lintian happy. 0.10.0 debian-sid-0.10.0-1
2012-06-13 Andrew RuthvenHandle selecting version numbers like 0.10.0 as being...
2012-06-09 Andrew RuthvenAdd log entry for nl.po debian-0.10.0-1