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2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenBump version number
2014-12-02 Andrew RuthvenFix removing "0 hours" from Next Recording In if the... 0.10.5 debian-sid-0.10.5-1
2014-12-02 Andrew RuthvenFix sending emails with UTF-8 characters in them with...
2013-10-28 Andrew RuthvenBump standards version, remove obsolete control field. debian-sid-0.10.4-1
2013-10-27 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the version numbers to have the Debian suffix.
2013-10-27 Andrew RuthvenAdd a guard when calculating the disk percentage used.
2013-10-27 Andrew RuthvenRemove an extraneous hypen.
2013-10-27 Andrew RuthvenHandle POD in Perl 5.18. Force the return code =item...
2013-01-29 Andrew RuthvenIf ISODate is present and is UTC, convert that to local...
2012-12-19 Andrew RuthvenFix the use of motd in the LSB header. debian-sid-0.10.2-3
2012-10-02 Andrew RuthvenDebian Wheezy now uses /var/run/motd.dynamic. debian-sid-0.10.2-2
2012-10-02 Andrew RuthvenBe a lot less verbose if their is a stale file, and...
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenBump the Debian changelog.
2012-07-07 Andrew RuthvenAdd changelog entries for Julian's patch and add him...
2012-06-14 Andrew RuthvenBump the Debian changelog. debian-sid-0.10.1-1
2012-06-14 Andrew RuthvenMake lintian happy. 0.10.0 debian-sid-0.10.0-1
2012-06-09 Andrew RuthvenAdd log entry for nl.po debian-0.10.0-1
2012-03-22 Andrew RuthvenBump Debian changelog, fix a typo.
2011-05-15 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the changelog and Debian packaging. debian-0.9.6-1
2011-03-03 Andrew RuthvenBump Debian changelog. debian-sid-0.9.6-1
2010-11-30 Andrew RuthvenBump changelog. 0.9.5
2010-08-08 Andrew RuthvenUpdate to Standards Policy debian-0.9.4-1
2010-08-08 Andrew RuthvenBump Debian changelog for 0.9.4.
2010-05-31 Omar CampagneJapanese debconf translations.
2010-05-19 Andrew RuthvenUpdate changelog.
2010-05-18 Andrew RuthvenNew upstream release. debian-0.9.3-1
2009-12-17 Andrew RuthvenFix a broken UTF-8 character. debian-sid-0.9.2-3
2009-12-09 Hideki YamaneAdd Japanese translation.
2009-10-03 Andrew RuthvenAnd bump to Debian Standards Version 3.8.3.
2009-10-03 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the copyright file.
2009-10-03 Andrew RuthvenFix up Martin's surname and make the changelog UTF-8.
2009-10-03 Andrew RuthvenDisable the watch file until I split out the Debian...
2009-10-03 Andrew RuthvenBump to standards version 3.8.2. s/lenny/unstable...
2009-10-03 Petter ReinholdtsenFix the dependencies in the init.d file.
2009-10-03 Yuri KozlovRussian debconf templates translation.
2009-09-03 Andrew RuthvenAdd missing depends, update changelog.
2009-05-21 Andrew RuthvenBump the changelog. debian-0.9.2-1
2008-12-08 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.9.0' into release-0.9
2008-11-23 Andrew RuthvenAdd a status to the init.d script.
2008-11-23 Andrew RuthvenUpdate Debian changelog with details on Swedish transla...
2008-11-09 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.9.0' into release-0.9
2008-11-08 Andrew RuthvenUpdate init.d with feedback from Adeodato Simó. debian-0.9.0-5
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenBump changelog.
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenBump the Debian version. debian-0.9.0-4
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenProvide at least some error checking on the results...
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenMake sure that /var/run/motd exists before trying to...
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the changelog message.
2008-10-30 Andrew RuthvenThe init.d script shouldn't check the return code anymo...
2008-10-28 Andrew RuthvenProvide at least some error checking on the results...
2008-10-28 Andrew RuthvenMake sure that /var/run/motd exists before trying to...
2008-09-25 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the changelog message. debian-0.9.0-2
2008-09-14 Andrew RuthvenThe init.d script shouldn't check the return code anymo...
2008-07-11 Andrew RuthvenAllow myself (as a DM) to upload, change license to... debian-0.9.0-1
2008-07-05 Andrew RuthvenMake /etc/default/mythtv-status a bit clearer and fix...
2008-06-23 Andrew RuthvenBump the changelog. debian-0.8.1-2 debian-puck-0.8.1-2
2008-06-19 Andrew RuthvenBump to 0.8.1-1.
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenStop the cron.daily script from complaining if mythtv... debian-0.8.0-2 debian-0.9.5-1
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenChange libmime-perl to libmime-tools-perl. debian-0.8.0-1
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenBump the Standards-Version.
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenFix the Debian version to be have three components.
2008-06-18 Andrew RuthvenBump version.
2008-05-22 Andrew RuthvenAdd a timeout when fetching the XML status page from...
2008-04-09 Andrew RuthvenBump the version. debian-0.7.3-2
2008-03-11 Andrew RuthvenBump release. debian-0.7.3-1
2008-03-06 Andrew RuthvenBump to 0.7.2-1. debian-0.7.2-1
2008-02-18 Andrew RuthvenUpdate changelog entry for 0.7.1-2. debian-0.7.1-3
2008-02-08 Andrew RuthvenStart preparing the Debian changelog for the next release.
2008-02-03 Andrew RuthvenAdd German changelog line. debian-0.7.1-2
2008-02-03 Francois MarierBump debhelper compatibility to 6
2008-01-23 Andrew RuthvenBump version. debian-0.7.1-1
2008-01-19 Andrew RuthvenNew release.
2007-12-26 Andrew RuthvenBump to 0.6.2. 0.6.2 debian-0.6.2-1
2007-12-12 Andrew RuthvenBump to version 0.6.1. 0.6.1 debian-0.6.1-1
2007-12-11 Andrew RuthvenChristian has renamed mythtv-perl to libmythtv-perl...
2007-12-11 Andrew RuthvenUpdate files due to lintian warnings. Also bump change...
2007-12-06 Andrew RuthvenPrepare for a 0.5.3-1 release (and fix the changelog). 0.5.3 debian-0.5.3-1
2007-12-06 Andrew RuthvenBump to Debian Standards-Version 3.7.3.
2007-12-02 Andrew RuthvenAdd a changelog entry for 0.5.2-2. debian-0.5.2-2
2007-11-29 Andrew RuthvenRelease 0.5.2.
2007-11-29 Andrew RuthvenUpdate for Debian release 0.5.1-2.
2007-11-29 Andrew RuthvenRelease 0.5.1.
2007-11-25 Andrew RuthvenUpdate for Debian release 0.5.1-2.
2007-11-22 Andrew RuthvenRelease 0.5.1.
2007-11-18 Andrew RuthvenAdd pt.po translation, thanks Américo (Closes: #451821)
2007-11-17 Andrew RuthvenStart prep'ing for 0.5.
2007-11-16 Andrew RuthvenAdd "-1" to each version number to make Debian generate...
2007-11-16 Andrew RuthvenUpdate for version 0.4.
2007-11-15 Andrew RuthvenUpdate changelog.
2007-11-14 Andrew RuthvenBump the version.
2007-10-22 Andrew RuthvenAdd Debian directory (this is Debian native, so no...