2014-03-10 Andrew RuthvenHeh, actually import uniq. master
2014-03-07 Andrew RuthvenGet Encrypt + Sign working.
2014-03-07 Andrew RuthvenAllow specifying the passphrase and key, handle encrypt...
2014-03-07 Andrew RuthvenStart adding GPG encryption and signing support.
2014-03-06 Andrew RuthvenAdd support for attaching a file to emails.
2014-01-15 Andrew RuthvenLook for both email and email_address in the YML file.
2014-01-15 Andrew RuthvenShush some warnings.
2014-01-15 Andrew RuthvenBit a bit more verbose, add Cc.
2014-01-15 Andrew RuthvenAdd some comments.
2014-01-15 Andrew RuthvenMake it executable.
2014-01-15 Andrew RuthvenFirst pass at a mail merge program.