2017-09-11 Andrew RuthvenActually ignore ourselves master v0.9
2016-07-30 Andrew RuthvenMake sure we don't include ourselves! v0.8
2014-03-02 Andrew RuthvenSpecify some config files. v0.7
2014-03-02 Andrew RuthvenInclude crontabs as well.
2014-03-02 Andrew RuthvenGet IPv4 working.
2013-10-22 Andrew RuthvenBump the changelog. v0.6
2013-10-22 Andrew RuthvenWe need procmail for the lockfile command.
2013-10-22 Andrew Ruthvenobnam can be pretty heavy on our laptops, make it back...
2013-10-22 Andrew RuthvenPut in locking so we don't get obnam running multiple...
2013-09-18 Andrew RuthvenI use the host command from bind9-host.
2013-09-18 Andrew RuthvenI've changed the host so need to switch the MAC.
2012-12-29 Andrew RuthvenCreate /etc/obnam.
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenSet a lock-timeout.
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenBump changelog.
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenWe shouldn't match Network in side filenames.
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenFix a typo.
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenWe need to have debconf-utils installed to be able...
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenInstall a molly-guard hook.
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenStill has a bashism, can't be bothered working out...
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenBump changelog. v0.2
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenAdd some wishlish items using cil.
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenRemove bashisms for function definitions.
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenAdd commwnts.
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenAdd Vcs details and add descriptions.
2012-04-26 Andrew RuthvenTake a snapshot of dpkg and debconf.
2012-04-25 Andrew RuthvenCustomise, add run-backup for driving obnam. v0.1
2012-04-18 Andrew RuthvenRemove unneeded files and start to customise.
2012-04-18 Andrew Ruthvendh_make boilerplate.