descriptionRT::Extension::ExtractCustomFieldValues for Debian
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2009-05-18 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the VCS details and fix my email address. master debian/2.05-2
2009-05-18 Andrew RuthvenMakefiles needs tabs. Dunno why vi insisted on using...
2009-05-18 Andrew RuthvenSet the /usr/share directory name correctly.
2009-05-18 Andrew RuthvenRename the README file to the correct name.
2009-05-18 Andrew RuthvenBump version, fix my email address.
2009-05-18 Andrew RuthvenShip the initialdata file and instructions on how to...
2009-05-18 Andrew RuthvenIgnore some build files. debian/2.05-1
2009-05-18 Andrew RuthvenAdd Debian build files.
2009-05-18 Andrew RuthvenImported Upstream version 2.05 upstream upstream/2.05
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