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Project Description Owner Last Change
RT-Extension-ExtractCustomFieldValues.git RT::Extension::ExtractCustomFi... 12 years ago
RT-Extension-MergeUsers.git RT-Extension-MergeUsers for... 12 years ago
app-bcvi-autoinstall.git App::BCVI::AutoInstall plugin... 11 years ago
asterisk-agi-enum.git Asterisk AGI for using ENUM 12 years ago
calendar-busy.git Convert Free/Busy to a ICS... 4 years ago
etc-obnam.git My wrapper around obnam. Runs... 4 years ago
etcx-sounds.git Webapp for controlling a MPD... 8 years ago
gnucash-tools.git Andrew's tools for working... 10 years ago
ical-summary.git Summarise an iCal file. 13 years ago
laptop-tools.git My laptop tools 22 months ago
librt-authen-externalauth-perl.git Debian package of RT::Authen... 10 years ago
mail-merge.git Perl tool for doing email... 7 years ago
mirror-perl.git Snapshots using rsync, written... 13 years ago
mpd-tools.git MusicPD tools I've written 13 years ago
mythtv-status.git MythTV Status from the command... 6 months ago
picture-display.git Turn an old laptop into a... 12 years ago
planner-tools.git My Planner tools 10 years ago
sapphire-remote.git Sapphire Remote packaged for... 18 months ago
spong.git Spong - Son of Pong - Network... 10 years ago
update-motd.git Update the MOTD progmatically. 12 years ago
whoisi.git Andrew's whoisi repo 12 years ago