13 days ago Andrew RuthvenRelease eng master
13 days ago Andrew RuthvenRevert "Minor updates to allow running with the propose...
13 days ago Andrew RuthvenBump Debian standards version and debhelper compat...
2021-01-02 Andrew RuthvenMake debian/copyright file machine readable
2021-01-02 Andrew RuthvenExtend copyright to this year
2020-12-26 Andrew RuthvenMinor updates to allow running with the proposed settin...
2020-12-25 Andrew RuthvenRemove old CIL issues, the Perl API also has a better...
2020-12-06 Andrew RuthvenEnsure that 50-mythtv-status has exit code 0 if no...
2020-12-06 Andrew RuthvenUse rm -f in the systemd services file.
2019-02-08 Andrew RuthvenIt seems includedsc no longer installs the .deb
2019-02-08 Andrew RuthvenSI units shouldn't have -s added
2019-02-08 Andrew RuthvenRun through a spell checker
2019-01-28 Andrew RuthvenList all the release versions, move 1.0.1 1.0.1 debian-1.0.1 debian-sid-1.0.1-1
2019-01-26 Andrew RuthvenPreping for release 1.0.1
2019-01-26 Andrew RuthvenUpdate ChangeLog
2019-01-26 Göran UddeborgWe need to assign 0, not undef.
2019-01-14 Andrew RuthvenBump Debian changelog for a release 1.0.0 debian-1.0.0 debian-sid-1.0.0-1
2019-01-14 Andrew RuthvenAvoid running grep
2019-01-12 Andrew RuthvenRecent releases of Debian & Ubuntu use update-motd...
2019-01-12 Andrew RuthvenFix an embarrassing bug
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenMake the code slightly easier to read
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenFix syntax
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenUpdate ChangeLog
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenSwitch back to ARGS
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenEnsure we still work if RUN and ARGS are used instead...
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenOnly set the variable in the code path where we need it
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenFix a syntax error
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenMark the new optional Perl modules
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenSwitch to /run
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenAdd a license block
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenUpdate Copyright years
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenUpdate ChangeLog
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenChange the indenting to be consistent
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenAdd support for Fedora
2019-01-11 Andrew RuthvenRename ARGS to UPDATE_MOTD_ARGS and RUN to UPDATE_MOTD
2019-01-04 Andrew RuthvenClean up what files we create and how we handle them.
2018-12-31 Andrew RuthvenFix running the init.d script on a sysvinit system
2018-12-31 Andrew RuthvenFix the logic to support version 1.0.0!
2018-12-31 Andrew RuthvenFix my emai laddress
2018-12-31 Andrew RuthvenBump the date
2018-12-31 Andrew RuthvenSo many changes, and now 11 years old. Time for a 1...
2018-12-31 Andrew RuthvenOops, actually commit the update-motd.d snippet!
2018-12-31 Andrew RuthvenShip a systemd service file
2018-12-31 Andrew RuthvenKnowing why mythtv-status failed can be useful
2018-12-31 Andrew RuthvenDon't repeat ourselves
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenThis is going to be version 1.0.0...
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenBump the Standards-Version.
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenSorry Lintian, I need to override some things...
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenFix use of closes tag.
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenRuns using dash
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenRemove -w from the shebang line
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenSpecify my full GPG fingerprint
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenUpdate test files for new output
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenTidy up the whitespace in the generated line, add a...
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenFix disabling 'Status as of' block after the rename
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenSupport the 'new' update-motd.d system
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenUpdate ChangeLog
2018-12-30 David MerittFinally fix time till next recording.
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenRemove a wayward debug line
2018-12-30 Andrew RuthvenUpdate ChangeLog
2018-12-08 Andrew RuthvenAllow warn status only for encoders for errors - enable...
2018-12-08 Andrew RuthvenAllow attrs to be flagged as optional.
2018-12-06 Andrew RuthvenAdd a new option --highlight which uses asterisks to...
2018-12-06 Andrew RuthvenOptionally strip off anything after the decimal point...
2018-12-06 Andrew RuthvenReduce the threshold to convert to TB to 1 TB
2018-12-06 Andrew RuthvenWhen making a human readable disk size, keep the original.
2018-12-06 Andrew RuthvenClean off unneeded precision
2018-12-06 Andrew RuthvenRound to an integer
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenTurns out I occasionally need to override the version
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenTidy up the formatting of this file
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenAdd Eric Wilde
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenEradicate tabs, line things up, add missing commas...
2018-11-12 Andrew Ruthven11 years!
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenHeh, don't need to list everything in this file...
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenMove libsys-sigaction-perl to a recommends
2018-11-12 Eric WildeRemove dependency on Sys::SigAction
2018-11-12 Eric WildeMore correct label.
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenAllow showing device type in the encoder output
2018-11-12 Eric WildeDescribe how one liner blocks work.
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenAdd Debian changelog entry
2018-11-12 Eric WildeMinor re-arrangement to make output consistent
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenAdd verbose output about status of config files
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenUpdate Debian files for Config::Auto change
2018-11-12 Eric WildeMake Config::Auto an optional module.
2018-11-12 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'
2017-05-03 Andrew RuthvenAdd issue
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenNeed to copy the buildinfo file now as well release-0.10
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenAutomatic updates to po files debian-sid-0.10.8-1
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenUpdates to make lintian happy
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenFix a typo 0.10.8
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenFix UTF-8 handling from MythTV::Program
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenUpdate the copyright years
2017-01-25 Andrew RuthvenAdd pt_BR debconf translation
2016-09-08 Andrew RuthvenFix disabling skipping idle encoders via the config...
2016-08-02 Andrew RuthvenBump the changelog
2016-08-02 Andrew RuthvenHave Next Recording sum up the days including all bigge...
2016-08-02 Andrew RuthvenDateCalc behaviour has changed, use a different mode.
2015-01-11 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'
2015-01-11 Andrew RuthvenSwitch to using a script to update the MOTD 0.10.7 debian-sid-0.10.7-1
2014-12-04 Andrew RuthvenMerge branch 'release-0.10'